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Welcome to the DUEL SCHOOL!

17th January, 2006. 11:52 pm. Araaa~?(sk_chan)

(This is Dai's RPer, SK-chan.)

Is anyone out there~? x-X;; We seriously need more members...the creator should advertise in random gx comms or something...

Current mood: sleepy.

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8th January, 2006. 11:21 pm. Konnichiwa, nya!(nya_sensei)

Finished my journal, nya!

((Just to let all you guys know.))

Current mood: accomplished.

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8th January, 2006. 6:52 pm. Character journal.(marufuji_ryo)

Yo, this is azurexrevenant with Ryo's journal. Uncreative name, I know.

-goes to friend everyone-

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8th January, 2006. 5:00 pm. rpg journal is now operational(duel_student)

this is my journal for the rpg. every other name was taken.

so, 11andweird - white_locket - duel_student.

anyone have any misawa icons?

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7th January, 2006. 8:34 pm.(white_locket)

just so nobody is confused, i`m 11andweird, i just got a new journal because the old one`s been used for 3 years and i thought that i might as well change it now.

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5th January, 2006. 11:07 pm. Starting Over(11andweird)

Okay. I`m starting over, due to comments like the ones on the entry below, and this time, I`m trying to keep the community positive. So, if you dont like what I`m doing or how I type, then you can complain, but do it in a nice way, please. Contrary to my username, I am NOT 11, so please do not treat me like I am. I`m sorry if I soung mean, I`m just trying to find people who like the show and arent total assholes. so far, i`ve only found one, and that`s sk_chan. If you would like to join, please fill out the application on the userinfo and comment on this entry. You will recieve a go-ahead from me to start posting. I`ll try to check for new applications as much as possible. Thanks.

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2nd January, 2006. 9:13 pm. ((posting in character mode))(11andweird)

Hm. I guess no one has found the forum yet. I wonder what Asuka is going? Here comes Napoleon. Better go. It seems like every chance I get to type, he shows up. Bad luck, I guess.

((why do i suck so bad?))

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