Vulture (11andweird) wrote in gx_rpg,

Starting Over

Okay. I`m starting over, due to comments like the ones on the entry below, and this time, I`m trying to keep the community positive. So, if you dont like what I`m doing or how I type, then you can complain, but do it in a nice way, please. Contrary to my username, I am NOT 11, so please do not treat me like I am. I`m sorry if I soung mean, I`m just trying to find people who like the show and arent total assholes. so far, i`ve only found one, and that`s sk_chan. If you would like to join, please fill out the application on the userinfo and comment on this entry. You will recieve a go-ahead from me to start posting. I`ll try to check for new applications as much as possible. Thanks.
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